I had the pleasure of viewing a truly unique bit of imaginative architecture.  It is an artistic modern springhouse construction, superb on so many levels.  First is its overall design, from the shape, form, composition, roofing, and other details.   Here are a few views that are exceptional – but nothing beats the actual physical viewing.  Each twist and turn is magnificent.


Love the grass roof!  And the stones and the shape in the beautiful environment.  The circular windows…such attention to detail.


Yes, it is indeed a large springhouse.  It blends so well into the landscape.


There are so many interesting features to this very romantic modern springhouse – such as the intricately prepared tree trunk at the entrance.

I especially love how the springhouse ends – with a water fall, calmly surrounded by native vegetation.


Every detail seems to have been planned perfectly.  The stonework of the stairs leading to the water is magnificent.  Clearly, I am fond of both stone and water.