Root Cellars

I remember seeing my first root cellar – in Delaware Township – many years ago.  It always catches me by surprise – and here are two views at different times of the year, in the spring and winter.


Here is the same root cellar in the snow in Winter


These were important household refrigerators many years ago, for storing various root vegetables, fruits and dairy such as milk and cheese.

This root cellar is also in Delaware Township.  I love the straight edges of the door and the stone placement above the doorway.


A local historian gave me the contact info for a local farm in Franklin Township with a root cellar.  It is a beauty as you can see below.  The right side is has a slightly curved stone wall which follows the landscape and somewhat hides the root cellar.  This cellar has a large exhaust “hat” which the farmer said the deer regularly scratch against and dislodge.  He reseated it for me for this photo.


We measured the inside dimensions to be roughly 15’x25′.  It has the original door with fittings.


The inside is well preserved and show the racks the farmer used for temporary storage.


The farmer graciously opened the door for me to photograph the inside.


Here is a view of the opposite side of root cellar from the entrance..