Franklin Township Outbuildings

I have a list of historic outbuildings in Franklin Township NJ, Hunterdon County, given to me by a generous local historian but have not had the opportunity to scout the locations for imaging all of the sites.  This is due to bad weather – mostly rainy  weekends!  But I have recently added to my photo essay collection.  Here is a beautiful small spring house and water well, I believe, just off a winding, narrow road.   I think the small wooden addition to the springhouse is a water well.

There was a recent hard rain, so it was impossible to walk off any dimensions of the spring house but I would guess that it is roughly 9′ x 12′ without the well.


On the eastern view, there is some damage at the bottom of the wall not visible in the photograph but there is a window..


This spring house is in a perfect location.  Driving away from the spring house, I came across a handsome well, shown below.


Some spring houses are quite small and low to the ground as shown below.  This one is also quite close to the road as you can see.


So much of Franklin Township is unspoiled rural landscape dotted with old and new homes between sprawling farmlands.  Sometimes, like today, it takes my breathe away but I know these times are changing quickly.