Franklin Township Summer Kitchen and Smoke House


Today’s search for vintage outbuildings takes me to the NJ Ag Experimental Station, Rutgers University.  I had long noticed the stone building not far from the road.  It is large, 1.5 stories tall and apparently in excellent condition from what I could see from the road. 

With permission, I photographed the building, inside and outside. It is a beautiful summer kitchen as we can from the photos below!  I paced it off and it is approximately 10′ x 14′.


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It hasn’t been “preserved” well in its 20/21th century upgrades.  The roof has been replaced and the chimney removed, the windows updated without an eye to historic renovation.  Nevertheless, it is beautiful building and is representative of its type.

Some of the original hardware can be found on the entrance door and the iron hangers on the front face.


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The inside of the summer kitchen is now used for storage so it is difficult to show well but it does have a large hearth, stairwell to the 2nd floor loft and a closet – very similar to design of the summer kitchen documented in my post Raritan Township 2018!


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Several views of the windows are shown below, with drain and a photo of the mortar.  This mortar appears to be common in many stone outbuildings.


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In a very different part of Franklin Township is a beautiful smoke house.  I also had the pleasure of finding the owners of the property who graciously allowed me to photograph this historic outbuilding.  It is 10’2″ x 10’2′ square and in its original condition.  Fabulous indeed.


Below is the entrance to the smoke house with details of the weathered door and hardware.

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While the owner of this property apologized for the condition of the smoke house, I was delighted to find it in its original condition.  And it has slate roofing!

Here are some views of the inside of the smoke house with its vent.

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Adjoining the smoke house is a beautiful water well – again with the original hardware and signage, EAH 70 – perhaps dated to 1870?

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