Franklin Township Smoke Houses


There is a sign on River Road, Franklin Township, that marks a Smoke House dated 1789!  And indeed, there is one right there.

It is a small stone smoke house, roughly 6’x6′, in a field near the South Branch of the Raritan River.


Preservation was apparently a project of the Eagle Scouts, as noted on the signage above the door to the smoke house.


Some details of this smoke house are provided in the slide show below, including vent pocket and hardware.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This could be an exceptional project for the Eagle Scouts, to teach them important details on appropriate methods for restoration of historic structures.

Another Smoke House

Some roads in Franklin Township are just plain beautiful!  Impossible to drive through from one scenic end to the other without saying “Ahhhh, how lovely!”  This road is no exception as you can see below:


Further along this road is a wonderful smoke house right on the road.  I believe it has recently been renewed.


I’ll provide more details on this outbuilding in the near future.

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